Thursday, January 8, 2009


Recently,  I learn to use QVOD player to download movies. This software is famous in China.

Many users download the latest movie by QVOD. QVOD actually is similar like the BitComet. If many users downloading a same movie, more faster you can download the file online. Sometimes, when start download a movie, I will check the seed. If many seeds, i choose to continue download. The first website which I start to use in QVOD is There is not enough for search a movie. I decided to find more and more websites about QVOD. Finally, I found the From this website, I think the most useful is the forum part. I found a post listed many websites of qvod movie. Thanks for a good writer, he posted the page: QvodPlayer Websites.

You may know the "Ip Man" the chinese martial art movie, now on show in cinema, but do not how the China people can make this movie on a DVD rip copy and can download on the QVOD. 

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